Frequently Asked Questions

How it Works?

  1. Shop for products you want to buy. You can use the Buy Button for single product purchase or use Add to Cart button for multiple purchase. You can use Coupon Codes here.
  2. After payment you will be redirected to the download page. You will also receive download links in your email. The download contain the blog’s files which includes the database, content, and design.
  3. Upload the blog’s file to your web host then run a virtually 3 step installation step and you will have a live website in less than 5 minutes.

Can You Install A Blog Kit On My Server For Me?

Yes, you can you can order installation service here or simply add it to your order at time of purchasing one of the blog packages.

Do I have to have an account with Hostgator?

No. Hostgator is just a suggestion for those who don’t have a web host yet. As long as you have a compatible webhost, this blog packages can be quickly installed.

Do I need to sign up as an affiliate for Clickbank, Amazon, and Adsense?

No. You can replace those Clickbank, Amazon, and Adsense ads with your own product or any other affiliate products. The primary purpose of this product is to help you quickly get started with setting up a website/blog you can call your own.

Do you have other payment gateways aside from PayPal?

We are accepting SolidTrustPay, click here to learn how to use SolidTrustpay.

What are the basic requirements to have these blogs installed?

You need to have your own web host and a domain name. More about this here: Important Things To Note Before Buying Blog Packages.

Installation Issues

I can’t login to WordPress admin? What’s the default username and password?

The login url format for WordPress sites is:

For beginners, see illustrated tutorial here.

The default login name and password is included with each blog package. You should unzip the file on your computer and you should find the “Log in Details” text file where the login info and other installation details are found.

I can’t login with the default password?

If default login details doesn’t work, you can change the password through your webhost’s cPanel. Click here to download the tutorial on how to do that.

Importbuddy.php is asking for a password?

The ImportBuddy password is included with the download file. Open the “Login Details” (notepad) file and you should see that password in the first 5 lines.

Please read finding importbuddy password here.

When I click on another page than the home page I get a 500 Internal Server Error error.

Please use small caps only when assigning subdomain names. Instead of using use Also, try not to include the www when installing under a subdomain.

When I click on videos, I am getting the message says “Play list not found“. How to resolve this?

Please read this article: How to Resolve Playlist Not Found on Video Page

Can I change the footer link to your website? How do I do it?

To change the premadeniches link on your footer, just go to WordPress Dashboard => Theme Name (Headlines PN or Gazette PN) => Theme Options => Layout Options then scroll down until you see the “Footer Customization” tab.

Feel free to change that with your own link and keyword.

Do you release products regularly?

Yes, our goal is to release at least 5 or 10 plr blogs per month. New products are displayed on PreMadeNiches frontpage.

If you want, you can subscribe to our mailing list here and be the first to know when a new blog package is released.