NOTE: Below is for some lazy people only who copy paste everything else they see. We do understand some newbies maybe ignorant about this copy pasting issue. If you’re that newbie, please stop doing it.

If you’re one of our valued customers/resellers who are not doing this or even hates doing it but was unintentionally directed to this page, please do not take below message personally.

Now, in very simple English:

DO NOT copy product descriptions including salespages from PreMadeNiches site then put it at a new page in your site or other market places like eBay.

I’ve seen many people doing this. Some are even iFraming the whole salespage on eBay effectively taking along our self-hosted images. This practice steals bandwith resources from our paid hosting.

If you’re serious about making money online, do not do this. This is for our mutual SEO benefit. If you want long term business selling PLR blogs like this, you need to write your own unique product descriptions and host your own marketing images.

I already allowed you permission to resell the product and keep 100% of the profits without you experiencing the pain of countless hours creating just one blog from scratch so do not copy my salespage materials.

Let’s say, you bought a plr blog at $27. You were given the resell rights license. You went to eBay then list it for $27. As you can see, you only need one order to recoup your $27 investement. The rest of the sales are all yours to keep.

That’s an easy income without you lifting a finger on creating the product from start to finish!

I even allow you to use my demo site.

Wouldn’t you be thankful for all of that?

All you need to do is put in a little effort in describing the resell product in your own words and style. This little advice is for your own benefit and future success, IMHO.