Updated Product License Terms

Updated License Terms in Plain English

You have private label rights to this PLR blog product. Your rights allow you to use the blog to your own domains or your client’s domains. Install it on unlimited domains as long as you can.

Your rights also allow you to alter, edit and customize the product in any way that you see fit to sell as your own product while keeping 100% of the profits.

However, if you are going to RESELL it AS IS with no customization at all, your buyer should receive personal rights only. Do not pass on the rights to your customers. This means that your customers may not have the PLR rights passed on to them.

Customization means you should at least rebrand/rename it, change the slider images, and change the featured images. Also make some color redesign if possible.

If you don’t do any customization, you don’t have the right to offer or sell the “private label rights“, “master resell rights“, and “resell rights” to this product.

What you are ALLOWED to do:

  1. Install the blog AS IS on unlimited domains you own.
  2. Install the blog AS IS on domains owned by your clients.
  3. Flip the blog AS IS on Flippa and other similar sites.
  4. Resell the product AS IS but with price not less than $17.
  5. Sell it on eBay as is but for price not less than $17.
  6. Offer as bonus for products with price not less than $17.
  7. Use the theme, articles, and images on your own or client’s niche sites.

What you are NOT ALLOWED to do:

  1. Do not give the product away for free.
  2. Do not add the product to free membership websites or any paid membership site with low one-time payment.
  3. Do not claim as product author/creator without actually doing any changes or customization.
  4. Do not offer “private label rights“, “master resell rights” and “resell rights” without doing any changes or customization.
  5. Do not copy product salespage materials from PreMadeNiches.com
  6. Do not use PreMadeNiches brand, logo, salespage, and other PreMadeNiches’ online resources. In short, do not use my name and the PreMadeNiches brand.

These license terms is in place for the benefit of everyone and to protect the value and long term quality of the products