How to Properly Resell PLR Blogs

Just recently, it has come to my attention that an individual is trying to resell our products in a manner that is not allowed in accordance to our license terms. A license term, in PDF format, comes with every product.

I understand that somehow the way the terms are defined in that PDF is not so clear so I’ll explain it here in an easy-to-understand plain English.

By the way, I posted an updated license terms here: Updated Product License Terms

What the PLR means?

You have private label rights (PLR) to the product. Your rights allow you to use the blog to your own domains or your client’s domains. Install it on unlimited domains as long as you can.

That’s the main purpose of these kind of products, to help you get started quickly with your online business and niche marketing ventures.

Your rights also allow you to alter, edit, customize and rebrand the product in any way that you see fit and then sell as your own product while keeping 100% of the profits.

Yes, you may resell it and keep 100% of the profit.

BUT if you are going to sell it AS IS with no customization at all, your buyer should receive personal rights only. Your buyer will have NO rights to resell it also to another person.

Customization here means you should at least rebrand/rename it, change the slider images, and change the featured images. Also make some color redesign if possible. That’s the reason we included the color customizer and other redesign tools with the theme.

If you didn’t do any customization, you don’t have the right to sell resale rights or sell the private label rights to the product.

Now, if you use the blog on your own domains or use it for your client’s projects, then it’s up to you if you customize it or not. I recommend, however, you do some customization specially when installing a PLR blog for your clients.

Friendly Tips For Resellers

You may sell the product as your own and be proud as the author only IF you customize it or make at least 50% changes. So here’s what you should do:

  • Change the slider images. There are thousands of FREE images at
  • Change the featured images (the thumbnails). Again, there are thousands of high quality images at
  • Change the blog title
  • At least, change theme color or better yet change the theme. There are thousands of much better themes at

When you’ve done with the above suggested customization, then go ahead and sell your new product for one penny a blog (sarcasm intended).

You may create bulk packages of say 300 PLR blogs for $97 or 30 blogs for $47 if that’s how you want to devalue your work. Again, do this only if you made some considerable customization as recommended above.

Use your own blog demo. Use your own salespages.

Be responsible for customer support, customer queries and all product issues.