PreMadeNiches Documentation

Documentation, Reference Materials, and Tutorials for Your PreMadeNiches Products

General Guide

1. Blog Installation Guide - step by step guide on how to install your ready made blog.

2. Replace Affiliate Links - a fully illustrated guide to help you replace all existing affiliate links with your own affiliate links.

3. How To & Quick Tutorials - short tutorials to help you quickly do some blog settings.


Theme Guides

Settings and configuration guide accoording to the theme used on the blog. This will help you figure out how to use the premium WordPress theme which is included in the blog package.

Headlines Base Blogs - Use this guide if your blog is installed with Headlines based themes (Headlines PN, BlogsBiz, Vyrez Box, Vyrez Wide)

Gazette Based Niche Sites - Use this guide if your blog comes pre-installed with Gazette based themes

Freshnews Based Niche Sites - Use this guide if your blog comes pre-installed with Freshnews based themes

Lifestyle Based Blogs (Genesis Framework) - Use this guide if your site uses a Lifestyle based themes which runs through the Genesis Framework.


Downloadable Guides

How to Install on Add On Domains

How to Change Username and Password Using cPanel






WordPress Training

New to WordPress? Register for a free account here. If you're interested of downloading Wordpress Tutorial Videos, go here. The gold membership includes advanced WordPress tutorials including internet marketing video tuts such traffic generation and listbuilding courses.


Comments and Feedback

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