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Beauty Tips PLR Blog

The “beauty tips” keyword is among the most profitable adsense niches. You can... 


Auto Insurance Blog

“Auto insurance” is one of the top high paying adsense keyword. This niche is... 


Christmas Gifts Blog

Christmas is just around the corner so here’s a new PLR blog package that is built... 


Premium Weight Loss Blog

Finally, here’s a one of a kind weight loss PLR blog package that leverages the power... 


Acne Website With PLR eBook

Ever wanted to start blogging and earn extra income online? Well, start it with one of the... 


Anxiety Blog With PLR Articles

The anxiety market is a good niche to enter especially if your chosen online turf is in... 


Asthma PLR Blog With eBook

Here’s a another plr blog on the asthma niche. If you’re interested in setting... 


Cardio Workouts PLR Blog

Interested in entering the fitness niche? This one is an evergreen niche, meaning it will... 


Chocolate Blog With PLR eBook

Who loves chocolate? If you love it why not start your own blog on this wonderful niche.... 


Body Detox Blog with eBook

Start your own informational blog about body detox with this ready made WordPress blog and... 


Fitness Blog With PLR eBook

The fitness niche is one of the most evergreen market and there are hundreds of info products... 


Healthy Eating PLR Website

Here’s another lucrative and evergreen niche you can put your hands on. It’s... 


Pregnancy Blog With PLR eBook

Get into the wonderful world of niche blogging with this pregnancy plr website. This niche... 


Vegetable Blog with PLR eBook

Vegetarianism is a growing interest not only locally but worldwide. You can quickly enter... 


Alternative Energy PLR Blog

Alternative energy is a growing interest and peopla are searching online for a safe and... 

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Woodworking Blog Package


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Learn Spanish Niche Blog


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Save My Marriage Blog Package


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Each blog comes with a new logo, header backgorund, and new theme color.
Added feature is a two column homepage and supports CB Engine contextual ad blocks.
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News and Tutorials

change How to Change Banners and Affiliates Links With Your Own

By default, most of the ready made affiliate blogs comes preloaded with Clickbank and Amazon offers. Now, if you don’t want to use Clickbank/Amazon and want to replace it with other offers then here’s how you can easily do that. There are two options: Option 1) Change ad codes in the Widgets... 

adsense ready websites How to Buy Ready Made Adsense Websites

Are you interested to buy ready made Adsense websites? Well, you can easily find thousands of ready made sites out there. Just type the keyword on the search engines and you’ll find different kinds of adsense sites for sale. However, most of these sites are created using HTML or PHP so all articles... 

solidtrustpay How to Purchase PLR Blogs Using SolidTrustPay

We are accepting SolidTrustPay, but the shopping and product delivery will be manual. 1. Shop for PLR Blogs. 2. Make a list of the products you want to buy. 3. Send/Transfer your payment to only this SolidTrustPay account: onliner77 4. Contact us and send the following details: Your STP account: STP... 

imageshow How to Change Images on the Homepage Slider

If your premade niches blog is using the theme “Headlines PN“, or “Blogsbiz“, you can easily change the homepage slider. These enhanced themes rely on the plugin called “DisplayBuddy” to showcase featured images which is shown on the blogs’ front page by default. Here’s... 

wpress How to Manually Clean Your New WordPress Install

When you install premadeniches blogs, the backup buddy script will attempt to delete unnecessary files after a successful install. You are always prompted to perform this action on the very last step which is File Cleanup.Now, if for some reason you missed to perform the “File Cleanup”... 

Health And Beauty

neuropathy200 Neuropathy Remedy PLR

Neuropathy is a damaged to the nerve which often creates nerve pain. When the nerve breaks down due to... 

urinaryt200 Urinary Tract Infection Remedy

Urinary Tract Infections can make the sufferer so miserable and can cause severe body damage. Urinary... 

restorevision200 Restore Vision Niche Site

Many people are searching online on how to restore their eyesight and see clearly without glasses. Improving... 

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binary options Binary Options PLR Blog

Learn how to create a website in in no more than 24 hours and have the opportunity to earn extra income... 

stocktrade200 Stock Trading Ready Made Site

Get into the very lucrative market of stock trading with this ready made WordPress website. Stock trading... 

pennystocks200 Penny Stocks PLR Website

Looking for premade PLR website on this highly lucrative penny stocks market? well, this is your chance... 

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Arts And Entertainment

sellsbeatsonl200 Sells Beats Online Blog

Are you interested in the music niche? If you want to target those who are interested in making and selling... 

mphotography200 Make Money Photography

Photography is obviously one of the most popular and lucrative topics both online and offline. While... 

pencilportrait200 Pencil Portrait PLR Site

Pencil portrait drawing is an exciting art and with the popularity of the internet many enthusiasts are... 

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Home Improvement

pergola200 Pergola Plans PLR

Pergolas have become some of the most popular landscaping projects in developed countries such as the... 

solarwaterhe200 Solar Water Heater PLR

Solar water heaters are becoming popular all around the world today. Since it uses the sun as a source... 

diydeckplans200 DIY Deck Plans PLR

Building a deck is a home improvement project that many people choose to do. For quick info, many folks... 

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Internet Marketing

amazonfba200 Amazon FBA PLR Blog

This is a very interesting topic for many small busines owners who want to start selling their physical... 

coverletters200 Cover Letters PLR Blog

For many people, writing a cover letter is a task that is quite stressful and even daunting but they... 

soloads200 Solo Ads Niche Blog

The use of solo ads is still one of the most effective ways to market your site, product, special report,... 

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Embarrassing Illnesses

getridhiv200 Get Rid Hives PLR Site

Hives are a type of allergic reaction that may happen because of improper foods or drugs. Hives are flat,... 

staphinfection200 Staph Infection Turnkey Site

Here’s a turnkey site that is build around what is perceived as an embarrassing illness which is... 

shybladder200 Shy Bladder PLR Niche Blog

Shy bladder belongs to the embarrassing illnesses niche and it can cause serious health problems if left... 

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buildplayh200 Build Playhouse Niche Blog

Do you want a website targeting the home and family niche and make money promoting related products from... 

hydroponics200 Hydroponics Niche Website

Hydroponics is an interesting topic being searched online. Hydroponics is the art of growing plants without... 

gardenpest200 Garden Pest Control Niche Site

Are you interested in maintaining an informational site about gardening? Gardens are not without some... 

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surviveheraff200 Survive Her Affair PLR Blog

This ready made niche blog is a great addition to your network of “relationships” niche sites.... 

gettinggirl200 Getting The Girl PLR Blog

Getting the girl is a struggle many young guys are experiencing. You can make big money in this market... 

betterlove Better Love Life PLR Blog

This pre setup niche blog will help you mine big income that lies hidden in niche markets. Start your... 

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