What are Starter Sites and Where to Buy

Starter sites are an excellent way to quickly create your own website and make an online presence. Its a sure way to start income generating sites without having to waste thousands of money or waste countless hours trying to start from the ground up.

What are Starter Sites and Where to Buy

A starter site is a fully functional website with web theme, CMS software, administration panel, and content. In other words, it’s a starting template where all the basic website elements is already setup and all you have to do now is to grow and nurture your new site to its full potential.

We recommend that when buying a starting template, look for those that are created with WordPress because they’re so easy to manage and customise, which makes it a great platform for beginners who are just getting started with their first website.

Where to Buy Starter Sites?

You can find hundreds of such sites being auctioned on Flippa. Here on Premadeniches, our ready made PLR blogs are actually excellent starter sites – whether it’s for business or personal web. You only need to find your own domain and get your own webhost.

Our starter sites are ideal for:

  • newbie webmasters who are new to managing a blog or website
  • internet marketing beginners who are still learning how to drive traffic
  • a new business requiring only a basic website presence
  • busy niche marketers who want to target a new market
  • smart website flippers and eBay sellers
  • digital product sellers

Soon we will be offering both starter sites and established sites with its own domain and webhost so stay tuned.

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