Custom Niche Sites and Affiliate Blogs

Are you looking for custom niche sites or affiliate blogs with unique content and design? Do you want us to build for you a ready made affiliate site complete with articles, images, videos, as well as banners? All you have to do is start generating traffic.

The good news is you can now request us to create for you any custom niche site, personal info blogs or pre made affiliate blogs.

Having us build a custom site for you ensures that you are the only one who owns that site with unique content, design and appearance.

NOTE: If you are only interested in custom-written articles and blog posts, you can order here.

Two simple plans: 1) Silver and 2) Gold

Plan 1 - Silver

$97.00per niche site
  • 10 articles exclusively written for you
  • Each article is 800-1000 words
  • Relevant image for each article
  • High quality premium theme
  • FREE installation service*
  • Delivery within 24-48 hours

Plan 1: Silver

You send us your niche site plan and we'll do the most boring and time-consuming part of building your niche site from scratch.

Please take note: You must provide your own articles with this plan. You may send up to 15 articles.

If you want us to write the articles, order Plan 2 (Gold) instead.

We'll provide the relevant images for each article as well as video clips if needed. All images are royalty-free. However, feel free to send us your own images if you have.

Expect delivery within 24-48 hours for a single site order. For multiple site order, 10 sites for example, delivery will be within 3-5 days.

*Free installation. Since many marketers prefer to install the custom site themeselves (for privacy and security reasons), we'll only perform the installation when requested.

Plan 2: Gold

Just sit back, relax and wait for the package to get delivered to your email.

With this plan, we provide you the articles and everything else (images, themes, plugins) as stated in Plan 1 above.

We'll pre-publish 10 high quality articles that are exclusively written for you. These articles will never be published or used anywhere.

Each article is 800-1000 words long. You can request more articles if needed.

Delivery here depends on the nature of article topics but a single site may take 3-5 days to get delivered.

How to Order

Step 1: Pick your plan then click the "Add to Cart" button

Step 2: A checkout box will appear. If no checkout box, go to the checkout page. Enter quanity, 10 for example, then complete payment.

Step 3: Use designated form for each plan to send your order message.

For Plan 1: Silver - CLICK HERE

For Plan 2: Gold - CLICK HERE

You'll be automatically redirected to the form after successful payment.

NOTE: For both plans, you can request your own favorite theme. Include this in your "Instructions".

Available and recommended themes: Kadence Theme, Genesis Framework plus any child theme, GeneratePress.

Frequently Asked Questions

What WordPress theme do you use in building custom sites?

Mostly Newzline and Kadence Theme depending on the customer requirement. We also use Genesis and GeneratePress.

Can I use my own themes and plugins instead?

Sure. Just specify in your instructions what theme and plugins you want to use.

Do you offer SEO and/or traffic generation service?

No, not this time.

Do you have discount for bulk orders?

As for this time, we offer bulk order discount for Plan 1 only. We prefer bulk orders in groups of ten. Meaning you can order 10 custom niche sites at a time.

Here's a discount code for 10 sites: 10customsites.

Do I have exclusive rights for each custom site built for me by PreMadeNiches?

You have full ownership rights for the finised product. You can do whatever you want with it.

Here's some business ideas: you can install on unlimited of your domains then flip it, use it for your clients sites as a starter template, resell it, put it for sale on your own online shop, include it on your own membership site, and etc.

PreMadeNiches is just your site builder. We DO NOT resell, reuse, distribute, or put on our products shop any finished product from this page. In other words, we will NEVER sell or redistribute any custom built sites which are paid for by our clients.