How to Replace Affiliate Links

1 Log in to your WordPress account using this url format:

2 On the left side of your WordPress Dashboard are the different Menu Items.

3 Hover your mouse over the “PMThemes” menu item then click “ADS Settings“.

If your blog uses the theme Nichebarn, then your menu item should look like this:

4 You will be redirected to the theme’s ADS settings page. You will see these four sections:

  • ADS Settings and Replacement Panel
  • Post Content Ads
  • Amazon Affiliate Links

5 Change any ad codes in section “Post Content Ads” with your own ad code. Change it with your adsense code if you like to use Google Adsense.

6 If you’re an Amazon affiliate change ID and keyword under the “AMAZON ID” section.

7 If you’re a CBEngine member, change member ID and keyword under the “CLICKBANK TEXT ADS” section. Please take note that this for the text ads only (if there are any). It’s NOT a requirement to join CBEngine.

8 If you’re a Clickbank affiliate, go to “REPLACE AFFILIATE LINKS” section then generate your own encoded Clicbank affiliate links and replace Affiliate Link #1 and Affiliate Link #2 fields as needed.

Don’t forget to click Save Changes button!

That’s all you need to do here.

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