How to Change Images on the Homepage Slider

If your premade niches blog is using the theme “Headlines PN“, or “Blogsbiz“, you can easily change the homepage slider. These enhanced themes rely on the plugin called “DisplayBuddy” to showcase featured images which is shown on the blogs’ front page by default.

Here’s how to remove/change the images:

1 Login to your WordPress Dashboard.

2 On the Items Menu, hover over “DisplayBuddy” then click on “Slideshow“.


4 On the Slideshow Settings page, you should find the precreated image group. In this example, the existing group name is Affiliate Marketing Blog Images.


4 Hover your mouse over the group name then click “Edit Group”.


5 You should now be able to remove or add an image to the group. Any image you add here will automatically appear on the blog’s homepage.