How to Change Images on the Homepage Slider of Your PreMadeNiches Blogs

Changing the homepage slider images is very simple. Just edit that particular featured post then replace its featured image. That’s it.

If you are new to WordPress and are not familiar with the featured image feature, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to remove or change the homepage slider images.

1 Login to WordPress.

2 While logged in, go to your blog’s homepage.

visit site

3 On the homepage, click the link of the slider image you want to change. It will redirect you to the post page.

slider link

4 On the post’s page, click either of the “Edit Post” links. It will redirect you to Edit Post area on your WordPress dashboard.

edit post link

5 Now, find the “Featured Image” box. It is located below the right sidebar, usually you need to scroll down.

featured image box

6 Click “Remove featured image” link. The image will be removed.

remove image link

7 To replace removed image, click “Set featured image” link. This will bring up Featured Image popup box.

set featured image

8 On the Featured Image popup box, you may use existing image from “Media Library” or upload a new slider.

media library

9 To upload a new slider image, click the “Upload Files” tab.

upload files

10 Click “Select Files” button to upload the new image slider from your computer. The recommended slider image size is 800pixels by 375pixels. You may use 800px by 400px.

select files

11 When your new image file is uploaded, click “Set featured image” button.

seat featured image

12 Your new featured image is set for this post.

new featured image

13 Don’t forget to click “Update” button located at the right upper most of the Edit Post page.

update button

14 Check your homepage. The new image slider should be working.

new homepage slider

15 That’s it. Repeat steps 1-14 if you want to change the other slider image.

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