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Digital products with license to resell and keep 100% of the profit. Or make it as a starting template for your web design projects.

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Start Your Online Business Now!

Ever dreamed of starting an online business and make a viable monthly income while you work at home using your computer? This is your chance to own a high quality and beautifully designed pre made WordPress blogs and affiliate sites.

Whether you are looking for a starting template for your personal blog, a ready-to-go framework for niche sites, ready made affiliate blogs for every niche, mobile responsive websites that you can resell on eBay or on your own online store, you have found the best marketplace for PLR sites on the internet - your one stop shop for all your online website business needs.

Introducing PLR blogs and ready made affiliate websites...

Ready Made Affiliate Websites

Digital Product Resellers

Resell these products for quick profits! No need to spend hundreds of hours or spend a fortune just to create a single digital product from the scratch.

Affiliates & Niche Bloggers

Pre made niche sites are perfect starting template for entering any niche or market. Feel free to use and repurpose each product according to your specific needs.

Freelance Web Designers

Take advantage of these ready made sites and use it as a starting framework to quickly deliver a simple but feature-rich website to your clients.

Small Business Owners

Use any of these ready made blogs to create your own company site or simply establish an informational site then promote your own products and services.

What Exactly are PLR Blogs?

PLR Blogs

PLR blogs are done-for-you websites complete with content, images, graphics, a beautiful theme, and important plugins. The acronym "PLR" stands for "private label rights", a widely accepted digital product license which gives you the rights to alter, change its features, and rebrand it. That also means that you are free to edit the site content, change themes and plugins, change the images and graphics, and so on.

With PLR license, you may even resell these products on your own online store and keep 100% of the profit! You may also use the blog's theme on unlimited of your client's website or on your own collection of niche blogs.

All blogs are created using WordPress, the world's leading CMS, so with a little familiarization it would be quick and easy for you to manage your new site. Editing the articles, changing images, and tweaking your site's color, layout, and design would be a breeze.

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