How to Buy Ready Made Adsense Websites

Are you interested to buy ready made Adsense websites? Well, you can easily find thousands of ready made sites out there. Just type the keyword on the search engines and you’ll find different kinds of adsense sites for sale.

However, most of these sites are created using HTML or PHP so all articles and it’s contents are fixed. That means, it’s almost difficult for you to edit or modify the articles especially if you don’t know a thing about web design codes like HTML and PHP.

If you know how to properly do a web search, you can easily find many adsense ready websites that are built using a CMS such as Joomla, Quick.Cms and even WordPress. The most common problem with this is that most of these CMS sites are very old and has not been updated for years.

There’s one customer who asked us to install a “Quick.Cms” based pre made site on his webhost. When we tried to install the site we found out that the website package is so outdated it spews out a lot of error messages on our browser. We tried to updated the CMS to its latest version but unfortunately the contents seemed hard coded with the CMS and it needs manual file editing. As a result, we didn’t continue the installation because it requires a lot of time editing the files one by one.

What to Look for When Buying Adsense Ready Websites

With all the common problems mentioned earlier, it is highly recommended to look for ready made sites that are built using WordPress. This is because you can quickly and easily update its WordPress software without affecting the content. You can also update the pre-installed theme and plugins.

If you are not familiar using WordPress, there’s a  WordPress tutorial site here where you can learn to the basics such as how to install, how to post articles, how to upload images and many more.

Once you know how to use WordPress, you can easily create your own adsense websites without needing to buy a ready made one.