How to Buy Ready Made Adsense Websites

ready made adsense site

Are you interested to buy ready made adsense websites? Ever wanted to purchase established sites that will be profitable bringing you a steady passive income month to month?

If you’re just looking for affordable installable niche sites, we’ve got you covered with hundreds of high quality ready made adsense site here at Premadeniches.

Each site is built around a specific niche so if you’re targeting various markets and niches you have plenty to choose from. Learn about the product features here.

Here’s a quick guide on how to shop:

  1. Go to our products page and look for a site that suits your needs. You’ll find different kinds of adsense sites for sale.
  2. To see actual appearance of a site, just click the “View Demo Site“. What you see on demo is exactly what you’ll get when you install the site on your own domain and server.
  3. To learn more about the site’s feature and other product details, just click on the image.
  4. If you want a particular site just click on the “Add to Cart” button. It will be added to your cart. You’ll noticed the cart on header gets updated.
  5. You may continue browsing the shop to look for more products that interest you.
  6. If you’re done with your product shopping, you can view your chosen product on the checkout page.
  7. You may want to use coupon codes here.
  8. Click the PayPal button to pay via PayPal or with a credit/debit card.
  9. After payment, wait for Paypal to redirect you to the download page.
  10. Download your products and unzip it on your PC or laptop.
  11. Install the site or each site by following the installation instructions here.
  12. That’s it! Start driving traffic to your newly installed site.

Not your type?

Now if those pre made sites we offer on our shop is not what you’re looking for then read on and I’ll give you helpful tips and information on buying adsense earning sites.

I sincerely hope that this article will help you on how to avoid big mistakes in buying websites and how to purchase sites that will be profitable bringing a steady passive income.

Nowadays, there are two main types of adsense sites:

  1. Pre Made Packages – “done-for-you” or “ready-to-upload” sites. Needs to be installed.
  2. Live Websites – the site is already up and running and may be earning some income.

Pre Made Packages

The pre made packages type of adsense sites are the usual done-for-you or ready-to-upload sites. In most cases, the domain and webhost is not provided. This means that you need to install it on your own domain and webhost.


  • Usually cheap. One niche site may cost from $17 up to $37 dollars. Heck, you can even find some very desperate resellers peddling each package for a mere $7 only!
  • It can be reused on unlimited domains depending on the product license terms.
  • If it comes with a resell license, you may repackage the product and sell it on other markets.


  • No earnings. A newly-installed site has naturally no traffic and hence no earnings.
  • Similar content. You could be buying a site with the same content as others so you need to edit the articles and images or better yet change everything.
  • Not unique graphics and design. If a site package is being sold en mass, you maybe installing a site with similar graphics and design as several buyers.

Things to Be Careful When Buying Pre Made Packages

There are thousands of ready made websites being offered online. Just type the keyword on the search engines and you’ll find different kinds of adsense sites for sale at a very cheap price. The downside is it would be very easy to fall into low quality web properties if you are not careful enough.

The first type of adsense properties that you should be careful buying are sites that were created using plain HTML or PHP with fixed content. That means, it’s almost difficult for you to edit or modify the articles especially if you don’t know a thing about web design codes like HTML and PHP.

If you know how to properly do a web search, you can easily find many adsense ready websites that are built using a CMS such as Joomla, Quick.Cms and even WordPress. The most common problem with this is that most of these CMS (Content Management System) sites are very old and has not been updated for years.

There’s one customer who asked us to install a pre made site on his webhost. When we tried to install the site we found out that the website package is so outdated it spews out a lot of error messages on our browser. We tried to update the CMS to its latest version but unfortunately the contents seemed hard coded with the CMS and it needs manual file editing. As a result, we didn’t continue the installation because it requires a lot of time editing the files one by one.

So be very careful with sites that have fixed and outdated CMS, content, and technology.

WordPress Based Sites

With all the common CMS problems mentioned above, it is highly recommended to look for ready made sites that are built using WordPress. This is because you can quickly and easily update its WordPress software without affecting the content. You can also update the pre-installed theme and plugins.

If you are not familiar using WordPress, there’s a ton of WordPress tutorial sites and video instructionals out there where you can learn to the very basics such as how to install, how to post articles, how to upload images and many more.

Once you know how to use WordPress, you can easily create your own adsense website without needing to buy a ready made one.

Live Websites

Live adsense websites, also known as established adsense sites, are those that are already up and been running for months or even years and may already earning some income. The domain name is part of the sale. In some cases, the vendor may offer a one year of free webhosting as a bonus.


  • Established site. When buying live sites there’s more chance you’re getting an already established site.
  • Income generating. Established sites may have already have steady traffic and maybe earning some decent income.
  • Domain name comes with the purchase. You get the whole site including the domain. In some cases, seller may offer a free webhost for up to one year.
  • Unique design and content. You’re almost sure that the site has unique graphics, design and articles. But that depends on the character of the seller.


  • Costly. A single site may cost you several hundreds to thousands of dollars. Let’s say a site earning at leas $100 per month could be sold at $1000!
  • Risky transaction. Declared traffic and earnings could be fake so there’s a great risk of losing your hard earned money.
  • One time used only. You may not be allowed to reproduce the site on another domain.
  • Poor Quality. Many people sell sites for quick cash so it usually goes into the cycle of build it, sell it, and then build more. This cycle results into usually very poor content quality and just thrown up quickly.

Where to Buy Live Sites With Existing Revenue

There are two major and most trusted auction sites that you may join and buy websites with proven monthly revenue:

  1. Flippa – this is probably the most popular market place for buying and selling websites. You’ll find a lot of cheap sites ranging from a hundred bucks to a few thousand dollar. You’ll also find some “starter sites” – a newly established site with no traffic and no income but with great potential depending on type of niche and content.
  2. Empire Flippers – this is a great site if you prefer sites with higher value. Of course, with higher value comes a much higher pricing.

    One of the best thing about Empire Flippers is that hey pre-vet and verify sites beforehand so you can be almost sure that the site you are interested in is legitimate. They also take care of the entire transaction for you, including transferring the site, which takes away the hassle for those with no website transfer experience.

What to Look for When Buying Live Adsense Websites

Before heading of to Flippa or Empire Flippers to purchase adsense sites, there are a few tips that you should keep in mind to keep you from committing mistakes and falling into a bad investment. You don’t want to buy a supposedly high earning site just to discover it was all fake after transaction is done.

Verify Declared Revenue Claims

Don’t buy a site based solely on numbers, income screenshots and declared revenue by the seller. If a seller claims to be earning $1000/month with a particular site, you must verify it.

Flippa has a great feature called “verified revenue“. With this feature you must check the numbers for all sites that claim to make revenue with Adsense.

Flippa also verifies page views and visitors via Google Analytics. So with that data, you should be able to calculate or at least estimate the site’s actual earnings. For example, you can see that the site is generating a monthly traffic of 150 unique visits with 15K page loads.

Consider this: From experience, adsense sites have up to 3% conversion rate. So, a site with only 15,000 page loads per month can’t be earning $1000/month from adsense alone!

In a nutshell, you must do due diligence when purchasing web properties with claimed monthly income.

Choose Sites With Evergreen Niche

When buying sites, look for the long term. Be careful not to fall into the trap of short term profit which usually don’t last long.

Examples of short term income are those sites that are based solely on fads, games, and trending topics. Examples are Pokemon Go, planking, and fidget spinners, and mostly game applications. Traffic for this type of niche sites would not be stable and of course income will not last long.

Should you buy sites with short term topics (because you have other plans in mind), try to negotiate if you can get it at less than 7x monthly valuation.

Sites with long term income are internet marketing and related sub-niches, health related topics such as fitness and weight loss, finance, personal development, and travel just to mention a few.

This type of sites bring in an almost steady traffic month to month. It should be a stable site with stable monthly income.

Look for Sites With Less Than 20X Monthly Valuation

Buy sites that has under 20x monthly valuation. Your best deal would be sites that has less than 10x monthly valuation.

Website valuation is simply the total monetary value or website’s worth. This is based on important data like monthly earnings, site traffic, content, and domain authority.

So if a site sellers claims to earn $1,000 a month, you’d expect to buy the site at $10K up to $15K at a 10X monthly valuation ($1000 x 10).

Practical Tips

Start Small

Buying sites is a very risky business and may cost you thousands of money if not done right. If you are a beginner and are purchasing an adsense site for the first time, start small. Avoid trying to buy big sites if you still don’t know what you are doing.

Starting small allows you to minimize the risk while at the same time learning how to do the trade and start making a good deal.

Buy Site With A Stable State of Mind

Buy sites when you are relaxed and in a neutral state of mind. Avoid purchasing sites out of desperation or when you are badly in need of money. This way you’ll be able to avoid costly mistakes.

With a good positive mind you be able to pick a stable niche site, you can evaluate a site’s real value almost accurately, and make an offer that is mutually beneficial for you and the seller. It will be a win-win situation for all parties involved.


Buying established income-generating adsense sites can be a good investment that will bring you profitable online business. Investment could be recoup within 1 or 2 years. After that, monthly revenue will become pure profit. It can be a passive income.

On the other hand, as in other business ventures there’s a big risk involved. You really need to come to the table with a stable state of mind, have a critical mind and evaluative attitude, and a good budget to be able to strike a good deal.

If you don’t have the budget, you may consider starting a profitable adsense site from scratch using pre made or ready made adsense packages. This way you’ll be able to learn how to manage a site, drive traffic, and explore other advertising options that may bring you a much bigger revenue.

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