Turnkey Websites for Sale That You Can Resell

turnkey websites

Are you looking for pre made turnkey websites that you can buy today and use for your online business? How about purchasing a huge collection of hand-made high quality niche sites and then retail it for steady passive income?

Whether you are into the business of buying and reselling websites or setting up an empire of cash generating niche affiliate sites, you just discovered the source and provider of modern turnkey sites.

Read on and you’ll discover a not so well-known niche but highly profitable business that even big dogs in the internet marketing field aren’t yet promoting wildly… and that means a ton of business opportunities for you.

If you’re in a hurry, feel free to check all products here. Newer sites are regularly posted at the homepage.

What are These Websites?

turnkey websites and ready made blogs

The term “turnkey” means “ready for immediate use” so in a nutshell these products are ready made, done-for-you, ready to use websites complete with articles, relevant images, and graphics. In addition, these sites come with premium themes and plugins so your site is not that cheap looking.

What you need here is a domain name of your choice and a reliable webhost.

Now, all you have to do is upload on your webhost and install on your own domain which normally takes less than 15 minutes depending on your internet speed.

A step-by-step installation guide is provided for quick reference. If you’re totally new to this, you may ask the creator or provider to install the site and configure it for you.

Each site comes pre-integrated with high paying affiliate products from Clickbank, JVZoo, and Amazon. You can even put your adsense code in it. So after installation, you’ll be provided with a quick guide on how to replace affiliate links, how to replace banners, how to put your adsense code, and so on.

In a nutshell, these are low cost “starter websites” that you can take advantage of when trying to develop a profitable niche site especially if you don’t have enough budget for buying an already established site.

What These Sites Are Made Of?

There are two common types of web technology turnkey sites are made of:

  1. HTML and PHP Based
  2. WordPress Based

1. HTML and PHP Based

These are simple premade sites that are created using basic HTML, PHP, and CSS. The content (articles, images, videos) are embedded directly into the website code.

Advantages: easy to install and it’s a set and forget system. Just upload all the site files to your server, edit site title and replace affiliate links from a certain file and that’s just it.

Disadvantages: it’s hard to edit the content. If you want to edit or add content, you need some knowledge and skill on how to edit HTML and PHP files.

PHP-based ready made Clickbank websites were popular a few years back but due to ever changing internet technology, security, and webhost compatibility this products are no longer offered at PreMadeNiches.

2. WordPress Based

Just like the HTML/PHP based sites, this type of ready made websites come with pre-written articles, relevant images, and pre made graphics. The only difference is that it’s made out of WordPress – the world’s leading Content Management Software (CMS).

Now, if you’re looking for solutions on how to quickly create and deploy a WordPress website then these premade niche templates can be your Swiss knife – a very handy tool for creating multiple niche blogs.

Advantages: quickly edit/add more articles, change images, and add any other kind of content. You can even modify your site’s layout and design, change color and fonts for every element of your site without the need of learning web developing programs like HTML, PHP, and CSS.

Disadvantages: using this type of CMS can be overwhelming at first especially when your are still starting but once you get familiar with the admin area and management dashboard, everything would be a breeze. It’s just like using a Microsoft Word or any Word editing software.

Where to Buy?

Here at Premadeniches, you’ll find hundreds of professionally designed and user friendly turnkey niche websites as well as ready made affiliate blogs.

Feel free to shop for products on our products page. Products are arranged according to newness so latest additions are always displayed first.

A better much option would be to let us build a customized niche website for you. This ensures that you’ll get a truly valuable starter site with your own unique content, design, and overall appearance.

Our pre made info and affiliate websites are perfect for those who want a professional looking theme without having to invest time and money just to have a unique and beautiful blog design.

If you are looking for plr websites to resell, our master resale rights and private label rights license allow you to sell the blog package and keep all the profits.

So, what we actually offer is a pre created niche-specific website that was meticulously designed with your goals in mind. We strive to bring you everything you want to have on your niche website – a user-friendly and easy to use admin panel with great CMS functionality.


One of the great benefits of what we offer here is that it’s much cheaper – it does not cost you hundreds of dollars… it does not cause you to ride your horses and raid a bank… 🙂

Also, it’s much more practical creating your own money site as you have the full control on content and design.

Buying ready made templates, installing it on your server/webhost, then editing its contents is a simpler and a much economical way of setting up your own money sites.

A pre created WordPress site gives you the ability to literally jump into owning a website instantly, and get started promoting it immediately.

You needn’t worry about building it from scratch, choosing the right keywords, and doing all that time consuming niche research. You can quickly realize the benefits here.

In short, this unique web creation solution is a great time saver and much more economical.


You can use these products for various purposes such as establishing a network of niche specific websites, setting up multiple sites then flipping it one by one on auction sites, or simply reselling it to other marketplaces for quick profit.

Established Websites

Are you scouting for established websites to buy? Just in case you came here looking for live websites to purchase, then here are top marketplaces you can visit:

  1. Empire Flippers – provides a marketplace for entrepreneurs and investors to buy, sell, and invest in profitable websites and online businesses.
  2. Flippa – one of the oldest and largest marketplace for buying and selling online businesses, based in Melbourne, Australia and San Francisco.
  3. eBay – Since Ebay is one of the world’s largest online marketplace where buyers and sellers come together and buy and sell almost everything, buying and selling a website is not an exception. Just type “established business for sale” in eBay’s search bar and you’ll find various types of live sites being offered.

You certainly need a big budget when you want to purchased an already established and earning website that you can build on. Let’s say, if you want a site that’s earning a monthly income of $100, then you may need a budget of at least $1000!

Heads up: If you are new to the concept of buying and selling websites, be sure to learn more about this industry before committing your hard earned money. Better yet, find a mentor who really knows the trade. You could just be gambling your money if you don’t know what you’re doing on those marketplaces.

For experienced site flippers, though, it’s a great way to invest money and grow their online web properties. But this topic is best discussed on another post.

You can also find newly established sites (complete with content, professional theme, logo and other graphics, including domain name) on the above mentioned marketplaces.

I once tried browsing and bidding new websites on Flippa. It could be addicting because of the thrill of discovering new type of websites and winning bids.

my won listings history at flippa
Won Listing History at Flippa.com.

But there’s a big downside to starter sites on those marketplaces: most newly created sites don’t have traffic and have zero earnings, naturally. It could drain your bank account if you carelessly go on a shopping spree and can’t get over with the excitement of winning bids.

It would be much better and money-wise if you set up a starter site on your own. Now, this brings us to the next topic.

Main Features of Our Turnkeys

Purchasing newly established websites on Flippa and other auction sites can be costly and may keep you out of focus. If you decide to start with new sites for your online business ventures, then it would be best to take advantage of our ready made blogs and websites.

Our pre made websites, since it is WordPress-based, are easy to edit and manage. You can quickly change or add existing articles, change existing images, and even customized the look and feel (site design).

All turnkey templates and premade blog themes include the following features:

  • pre-published articles
  • pre-configured plugins
  • integrated high paying affiliate programs
  • mobile responsive theme
  • SEO optimized pages
  • social media buttons for easy sharing
  • and dedicated theme options panel where you can tweak theme design including fonts, colors, and other customizable settings

Let’s discuss some cool features:

Prepublished Blog Content

Each blog or website has at least 10 pre-published well-written articles that is focused specifically to the particular website topic. On some blogs, you’ll find 20 or more articles, each article with relevant thumbnails. You can easily edit or replace the articles inside the admin panel.

Here’s a quick tip:

If you do like the site’s design and appearance but don’t want the articles, simply extract the blog package and then use the theme for your existing site or blog. There’s a quick about his technique here.

Delete all pre-published articles and re-purpose the blog template into other niches. There’s an option inside the WordPress admin where you can delete all posts with just two clicks. You can also delete categories and tags with just a click.

Royalty Free Images

Each article may come with royalty free images. Many customers have been expressing doubts about the images use on the sites.

But don’t worry because all images are sourced from sites offering free to download images like Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash, and Stocksnap.

The above mentioned sites offer “free image and creative commons” type of image license which means you may use and distribute the images for free. You may copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purpose, all without asking permission.

If you are not comfortable with public domain images, you are free to replace the images with your own. Some pics are taken from our collection of images that we personally photographed.

Pre-integrated Affiliate Programs

All websites are pre-integrated with hand-picked and high paying affiliate programs from Clickbank, JVZoo and Amazon. You earn commissions from every product sold from the blog. You just need to replace existing affiliate id’s with your own id.

On Clickbank, you offer mostly digital/downloadable products and most product vendors on Clickbank will give you 50-75% commission. For Amazon, you offer mostly physical products and you’ll earn 3-4% commission.

You can also offer your own product or services if you have one. So instead of promoting other people’s products, you promote your own and get 100% of the profit.

Easy to Customize

All our plr turnkey sites are easy to customize (customizable). Each website comes with a theme panel that allows you to:

  • change site title or upload your own logo
  • set a header background
  • add a site background color or set background image
  • change website colors
  • change font style size and color
  • change site layout
  • set desired theme width
  • show or hide website elements
  • insert verification and tracking codes
  • and many more…

There’s a dedicated section on the Guides and Tutorials page where you can find easy to follow guides on how to customize your website as just mentioned above.

Built with WordPress

All sites are built using the WordPress platform. You can easily add articles and images without any coding skills. You can also manage the website and get it updated with a very small learning curve.

eCommerce Ready

Sell your own products or services using WordPress shopping cart plugins many of which are open source and are free of charge. The site’s theme supports the WooCommerce plugin – one of the most popular and easy to use eCommerce plugin.

Mobile Responsive

The theme that comes with each turnkey site is mobile responsive. That means that your website will automatically adapt to all screen sizes whether viewed on desktops, laptops, ipads, or mobile phones. No need to use any plugin just for this purpose.

Search Engine Friendly

The site’s premium theme is search engine optimized with all the required HTML tags. No bloatware, just a lightweight theme.

Aside from that, each pre made site comes with an SEO plugin that allow you to add important page titles, keywords and descriptions.

Integrated Social Sharing

Sharing your content on social media sites like Facebook, Google plus, Twitter and Pinterest can add additional traffic to your site. Each site comes pre-installed with easy to use social sharing plugin.

Well Maintained Themes

All themes used on our turnkey sites are fully maintained. That means, we regularly check each theme for bugs and outdated codes and then release an update when needed. You can then update the theme on your WordPress dashboard just like regular themes on the WordPress repository.

This will ensure that your website will not break or become useless in the future simply because of outdated themes.

In addition, all themes are designed and coded according to WordPress coding best practices and standards. We don’t introduce unnecessary features that may only contribute to bloated codes and CSS.

Most Popular Sites

Our sites cover a wide market topic such as internet marketing, health and fitness, beauty, finance, business, personal development, self-improvement, family and society, technology, hobby, travel, and many more.

Take a look at some of our most popular sites according to sales and download counts:

popular blogs
Most Popular Type of Websites in Terms of Sales

How to Make Money with Turnkey Websites for Sale

Are you new to this kind of products and wondering how on earth you can profit from it? Here are some tips and ideas:

  1. For internet marketers, you can make money with premade sites by installing the site on your own webhosts then promote CPA offers, Clickbank products, AdSense, your own product, and so on.
  2. For site flippers you can install the site and sell it on auction sites like Flippa and other auction markets. This way, you can make easily make more than your investment back in one day with just one flip!
  3. For email list owners and list builders, think about how much you’ll make selling these awesome sites to your list. Craft a compelling email pitch then offer a bundle or just a single site for $17. Now, try to calculate how much you’ll earn with just one email.
  4. For membership site owners, your members will thank and love you with these niche websites.

    Here’s a quick tip: Create a membership site with monthly recurring payment. Do not put the PLR sites all at once inside the member’s area. I recommend scheduling the release of each blog to retain your paying members. For example, just release 5-7 bogs per month.

  5. For (Virtual Real Estate) VRE Owners, this products are perfect for building and expanding your VRE.
  6. For freelancers and website designers, install this sites on unlimited of your client’s domains. You can charge as high as $97, $147, $197… it’s all up to you.

You can actually combine two or several of the above suggested ideas on how to earn money with ready made sites. Initially, it may take some time and effort but once established it could be a source of passive income generating extra cash month by month.

Wait! Here’s a 7th tip: There’s a more exciting and profitable way to earn online income with this built-to-go turnkey websitesresell it.

Reselling for Quick Profit

You’ll be glad you came reading until this last part of the article because here’s a revelation:

PayPal payments
PayPal payments

Each blog comes with resell license so you can basically offer this products on eBay or other market places. Another way to earn quick cash with it is to install on your customer’s sites.

If you want many affiliates marketing it for you, then list each product on big affiliate networks like Clickbank or JVZoo.

Here’s a better way to resell and earn not only quick income but passive income with this kind of products…

Retail it.

Retail for Steady Passive Income

Yes, resell it individually most preferably on your own eCommerce store or an online shop site. This is something that we’ve been actually doing for years.

Setting up an online shop website is not that complicated although it does takes some time and effort.

What you need here is a WordPress based shop with a plugin that automatically handles everything from PayPal payments and delivery of your digital or downloadable stuff. This will not cost you 1000’s of dollars if you do it yourself. In fact, you may only spend more or less $30 dollars.

Mind you, this is far better and reliable way of making a living online than just earning mere cents with adsense!

earn passive income with an online store

Here are top eCommerce Plugins you may use for retailing turnkey website products:

  1. WooCommerce – probably the most popular ecommerce platform among WordPress users which is now owned by Automatic – the same company responsible for maintaining the WordPress core. The best thing about this plugin is it’s totally free to use but you may need to spend money if you need some of its “extensions“.
  2. Easy Digital Downloads – this is perfect for selling digital products from eBooks, to WordPress themes, to WordPress plugins, to PDF files and more. The major downside of this plugin is it becomes very expensive when you want to avail only one or two of its “addons“.
  3. WP eStore – also a perfect WordPress plugin for selling digital products and other downloadable stuff. Very reliable especially when it comes to receiving Paypal payments and sending encrypted download link to the customer. It’s a paid premium plugin but very cheap and with one-time payment only.


Turnkey websites are legitimate ready-to-go sites and blogs that you can use for your online business needs. It could be a perfect solution for establishing a few or even hundreds of niche websites targeting various markets you want to enter.

Establishing multiple income generating niche sites can be time consuming at first but your income may snowball when each site starts earning affiliate commissions. You can even make big cash instantly when you decide to sell a niche site or two down the road.

If you are looking for established sites, you maybe actually looking for live websites which are often offered on big auction sites like Empire Flippers and Flippa. With this route, you may need a big budget in the range of a few hundred dollars and up to thousand dollars. If you are new to the industry of flipping websites, however, you could be on a gambling game instead of buying a really earning website property.

If you have questions or comments, please feel to contact us here.

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