How to Build a Website From Scratch

Did you ever wanted to create a website for your personal business, for your family, for your friends, for your organization or simply for other personal needs? You know you have to start from the scratch and that thought alone can be so daunting.

creating website

Creating your own website from scratch takes a lot of time and effort even if you know something about HTML, PHP, and CSS. The creation time can be much longer if you don’t know a thing about this web design languages because of the learning curve involved.

On the other hand, setting up a simple website for your personal business or other needs can mean spending hundreds and even thousand of dollars if you choose to hire a professional web designer.

Well, the good news in today’s high internet technology is that you could be a having a beautifully designed website within just 15 minutes or less?



Simple. Just use one of our many pre-created turnkey sites that you can see in the shopping area. Install it on your domain and you now have a complete site with all the bells and whistles!

So if you’re keen on owning a website you can call your own, start browsing through the store pages and choose whatever pre made website or design you want to buy. Don’t worry about the content as you can change everything later on.

There are prerequisites, however, when buying turnkey sites like these. You need a domain and webhost. Please read about it here.

All these blog packages are made using WordPress. So, if you’re new to WordPress there is an online WordPress tutorial here. You could also email us and we’ll help you install the site for you.

Please read the FAQs page for other information as well.

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