How to Use PreMadeNiches Themes on Your Existing Blog

All blogs you see on PreMadeNiches are ready-made WordPress sites. That means every site comes with pre-installed WordPress, theme, plugins, images, and articles. So what you are going to be downloading just after purchase is the whole content of a premade website including the database.

This also means that you must install it on a domain (you can also use subdomains or subdirectories) with a reliable web host that allows you to create a database. More about this here.

However, you have seen the beautiful themes on the product demos and you only want to use that theme/template on your existing blog or WordPress site. How will you do that?

For experienced WordPress users, it should be easy for you to figure that out.

But for new users, here’s a step-by-step, newbie hand-holding guide, on how to do that:

1 Buy the readymade blog where the theme/template you want is being used. You will be receiving a download link just after purchase.

2 Now, extract the downloaded file on your hard drive. Please DO NOT upload the whole shebang. You’ll be scratching your head later. Funny, but many have been doing that.

extract the file

3 After extraction, open the extracted file.

extracted file

4 Open the “Files to Upload” folder.

files to upload

5 Take note of the backup file. In this example, the backup file is called “backup-fbmarket-full-7dymc5vuga” (every blog package has its own different backup file name).

backup file

6 Extract the backup file.

extract backup

7 After extracting, open the “wp-content” folder.

wp content

8 Open the “themes” folder.

themes folder

9 You should now see the premium theme. In this tutorial, it’s called “gazette“. Disregard twentyfourteen, twentythirteen, twentytwelve. These are the default WordPress themes.

the theme

10 Now, for easy upload, zip that gazette theme using Winzip or Winrar.

zip that file

11 After zipping, upload the theme. There are two ways to upload the theme: 1) Through the WordPress Themes page (Add New Them feature) 2) Through cPanel (for cPanel based web hosts). For quick upload let’s use option 1. Let’s add the gazette theme using the WordPress Add New Theme feature.

12 Login to your WordPress website.

13 On your WordPress Dashboard, hover your mouse over the Appearance menu then click on the “Themes” submenu.

themes link

14 On the themes page, click the “Add New “.

add new theme

15 Click “Upload Theme“.

upload theme

16 Click “Browse” to upload the theme from your hard drive.

browse to upload

17 Click “Install Now“.

install now

18 Click “Activate” to make the new theme live on your site.

theme installed

19 That’s it! Enjoy your new theme.

Feel free to request more tutorials regarding your WordPress blog/website. You can always contact us here.

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