How to Login to Your Server or Webhost Using cPanel

Logging into your webhost or server via cPanel should be straightforward but if you’re a newcomer to the webmaster’s world, here’s a quick guide on just how to do it.

  1. Open your favorite browser and just type the URL format:
    type cPanel
    While this is the most common way to log in to your cPanel, another alternative and the most reliable way is to type the format: http://yourdomain:2083
    type 2083
    NOTE: Some webhost require the URL format: If the format mentioned above doesn’t work, please ask your webhost provider.

    In some cases when you just purchased a new webhost, the webhost company will provide you a temporary cPanel login URL which looks like this:

  2. Now, hit enter on your keyboard. You will be presented with the cPanel login box.
    cpanel login box
  3. Enter your cPanel username and password.
    enter cpanel login info

    The cPanel username and password should have been provided by your webhost when you first sign up for any of their hosting plans/packages.

  4. Now, click the “Log in” button.

That’s all. You should be redirected to the cPanel Admin Dashboard.


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