How to Move or Copy an SSL Certificate from One Server to Another Using WHM

In this tutorial, discover how easy it is to transfer or move a trusted SSL certificate from one server to another server using WHM. This is particularly important when you setting up a new server or moving to a new webhosting company.

Take note that this simple tutorial is only for webmasters who manage their websites using WHM and cPanel.

If you don’t have access to a WHM dashboard, click here for the step by step tutorial on how to move your SLL certificate using cPanel.

How to Transfer SLL Certificate Using WHM

It’s best to manage your SLL certificates using your WHM especially if you are on a VPS or a dedicated server.

So without further ado, let’s start. Keep in mind that you can click small or blurred images to enlarge it.

1 Login to your old WHM account.

2 Find “SSL Storage Manager” link then click it.

ssl storage manager

3 On the “SSL Storage Manager” page, you will see a table list of SSL keys, certificates, and CSRs.

ssl storage manager page

You only need the “Key” and “Certificate” here.

4 If you have several domains, find the one with SSL certificate that you want to transfer. For this tutorial, the domain I want to transfer is

find your domain

5 Get the “Private Key” by clicking the magnifying glass icon next to it.

copy key

6 This is your private key. Copy it into your notepad.

begin rsa private key

7 Get the “Certificate” by clicking the magnifying glass icon next to it under certificates column.

copy certificate

8 This is your certificate key. Copy it into your notepad.

being certificate

9 Now, login to your new or other server via WHM.

10 Find “Install an SSL Certificate on a Domain” menu.

install ssl certificate

11 Click Install an SSL Certificate on a Domain. You will be directed to a page like this:

install ssl certificate domain page

12 Enter your domain then just copy the “Key” content into the “Private Key” field and “Certificate” into the Certificate field (click image for detailed view).

copy both key and certificate

13 Finally, just click the “Install” button.

clicko the install ya

14 A pop up box will notify you that your SSL certificate is successfully installed.

ssl host successfully installed

15 Clik OK button and that’s it. You’re done!

NOTE: If your new server automatically issued an automatic SSL for your domain and you don’t want to it, you can delete the auto issued SLL by going to “Manage SSL Hosts

deleting old ssl

You can further cleanup old SSL record by going to “SSL Storage Manager” page. Find your domain under the table “User Account SSL Resources” then just click the delete icons on both “Key” and “Certificate” columns.

delete sll keys

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