How to Redirect a WordPress Page to Any URL

There are times when you need to redirect a page to a different URL such as a web page or a website. Normally, this would require editing a file called .htaccess which requires a comprehensive guide.

But if you just want a simple redirect there’s a built-in function with PreMadeNiches blogs where you can do this easily and quickly.

So here’s how to do it.

1 Create a new page.


Alternatively, just edit an existing one.


2 Enter a title. Any title, it does not matter.


Tip: The title should let you know why you created this page.

If you’re editing an existing page, you may edit the title or just leave it as is.


3 On the textarea, enter the full URL where you want to redirect this page.


If you’re editing an old page, delete any content that’s on the textarea then enter the URL.

4 Now, on the drop down menu under Template, select Redirect.


5 Click “Update” button located just above Page Attributes.


That’s it! Check your new page. It should redirect you to the URL you entered on the textarea.


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