Blog Installation Using the All-in-One WP Migration Plugin

Here’s an easier and quicker way of installing your ready-made blogs without having to upload the backup files to your cPanel. This method requires a pre-installed WordPress site though.

You can install it on a freshly installed WP site or even on an old one that you want to replace.

Be warned though that this method will replace your existing WordPress site. The import process will overwrite your website including the database, media, plugins, and themes.

So it’s not advisable to do this on an existing site with content that you don’t want to lose.

This method is great for:

  1. Any webhost and domain as long as WordPress is already installed.
  2. Webhosts that offer a one-click install for WordPress.
  3. Replacing an existing WP site or even an old one.

This installation option is now available for all PLR blogs. If you purchased a product before and want to get the All-in-One WP Migration file, feel free to redownload your product/s by logging in to the member’s area or just request a fresh download link here.

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NOTE: When during installation you see a screen message saying “the file is too large“, download and install the Migration File Extension here.

Part 1: Install the All-in-One WP Migration Plugin

1 On your WordPress dashboard, hover your mouse over Plugins menu then click “Add New“.

plugin add new

2 Type “all-in-one WP migration” on the search box then hit Enter on your keyboard.

search plugin

3 After page refresh, the All-in-One WP Migration plugin by ServMask should be on the first list.

4 Now, click the “Install” button.

click install

5 Click the “Activate” button. The plugin is now installed.

Part 2: Import Files Using All-in-One WP Migration Plugin

1 Hover your mouse over All-in-One WP Migration menu then click “Import“.

all in one import button

2 Click “Import From” then click “File“.

aowp file

3 Locate where you downloaded the PLR blog then open the folder “All-in-One WP Migration File“.

aowp folder

4 Select the file inside that folder and click “Open“. This will now trigger the import.

5 A warning box will popup. Just click Proceed to continue.

import warning

6 Wait for import process to be completed. You will be notified if import was successful.

finish import

7 That’s it! Check your new site. You need to re-login after successful import.

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