How to Generate Your Own Encoded Clickbank Affiliate Links

Follow this quick guide if you’re going to replace Clickbank affiliate urls in the “REPLACE AFFILIATE LINKS” section.


1 Let’s start with Affiliate Link #1. Get your own encoded Clickbank link by going to HopLink Shield Tool:

2Fill in your own Clickbank ID on the Affiliate Nickname field. Go back to the theme panel and copy the provided Vendor ID #1 (as shown below).


3 Paste Vendor ID on the Vendor Nickname field. The two fields are now filled up. See screenshot below.


4 Click “Encode” button (as shown in red arrow above). You now have an encoded clickbank link (see blue highlighted url below).


5 Now, create Affiliate Link #2 by clicking “Check Another?” link. Repeat steps 2 and 3.

6 Now that you have both 2 Clickbank affiliate links, replace them on the area provided on the “Replace Affiliate Links” area.


7 Don’t forget to click “Save Changes” button! Otherwise, those old affiliate links will remain unchanged.


8 Go to your site and hover your mouse over each banner to make sure the correct Clickbank Affiliate Links/Alt Tags/Banners are appearing!

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