What Are Ready Made Niche Blog Packages?

Ready-made blogs are simply premade or precreated, which means everything has been made for you such as:

  • installing WordPress (all our packages are WordPress-based)
  • posting articles
  • locating and installing a theme
  • installing needed plugins
  • finding affiliate programs to promote
  • uploading affiliate banners
  • finding royalty free images
  • configuring the blog for SEO
  • and etc.

What you will be receiving upon purchase are the blog’s database and installation files. All you need to do is buy a domain for it, upload it on your web host, and you now have an INSTANT website, already with the stuff mentioned above.


You see, if you’re going to start all of the above-mentioned processes it would take you days and even weeks depending on your knowledge and level of experience. And provided you managed to do everything right.

I want to make it clear that you’re not buying an EXISTING website here (with domain and hosting). Besides, that would be an entirely different business.

What’s the Use?

Premade Niche Blogs are perfect for:

  • Internet Marketers – as an internet marketer you can make profits with this blog using CPA, Clickbank, AdSense, YOUR OWN PRODUCTS, and so on.
  • Site Flippers – easily make more than your investment back in one day with just one flip!
  • ListBuilders – Have a list? Think about how much you’ll make selling these awesome blogs to your list?
  • Membership Site Owners – Have a paid membership site? Your members will be over the moon with these niche blogs
  • VRE Owners – perfect for building and expanding your VRE (Virtual Real Estate)
  • and the list goes on…

Quick Install

With our NEWEST ready made plr blogs, it only takes a few minutes to install. All you have to do is upload it on your server, run a virtually 3 step installation and you’re good to go. You can already start promoting your new niche blog and start earning some cash.

With that said, we literally made it simple and EASY for you to get profitable money making niche sites up and running in no time flat.

Each and every niche blog has been carefully prepared with articles, images, SEO optimization, Clickbank banners, AdSense, and more to ensure your success.

What You Need

You need to have your own web host and a domain name for this kind of product. More about this here: Important Things To Note Before Buying Blog Packages

Why “Niche” Blogs

Each blog is targeted on profitable topics (niche) so for example, one blog package is on the niche of “affiliate marketing”, “bodybuilding”, “online dating”, “skincare”, “golf”, and so on and so forth.

Why “PLR” blogs

This means that once you buy the product, you have the right to alter or change it and claim it your own. You can edit the articles, edit the themes, etc.

Oh, and one thing more.. every profit you made from your PLR blog is 100% yours! I have no right (or the PLR blog author) to claim any royalty from the revenue unless you’re kind enough to donate some on my PayPal so to buy me a beer. Lol, just kidding.

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