Installation Service

Don’t have time to install the blog yourself?

Let me do it for you! If you want me to install the blog for you on your server, simply add it to your order at time of purchasing the blog packages.

Installation charge is only $9.95 per blog. Please make sure your hosting uses cPanel. For beginner webmasters, please read important note below.

If you’ve already bought the product, simply click the add to cart button below to order the installation and I will have it up and running on your server within 24-48 hours of receiving your information.

How It Works

It’s 2 simple easy steps!

Step 1: Simply add an installation order to your cart. Cart & payment link will appear on sidebar.

Step 2: After purchase, please use our contact form.

If you have freshly installed WordPress site or an existing one, just send me the following:

WordPress Login Name:
WordPress Password:
Name of blog package to install:

If you want me to install WordPress on a new server/webhost, send the following info:

Webhost/cPanel Login Name:
Webhost/cPanel Password:
Name of blog package to install:
The domain name where to install the blog:

Important! Please Read

The installation will not be completed until you provide us a working login username and password so please make sure to send us the correct login details.

If we can’t access your blog/site/webhost because you sent us incorrect username or password, the installation could be delayed for another 24-48 hours. Double check your login info by logging in to your own blog/site/webhost.

Also, make sure that your domain’s DNS is properly pointed to your webhost. Otherwise, incorrect DNS setting can delay the installation.

Lastly, we are NOT actively monitoring other email addresses that maybe connected to this site like PayPal email, so please use our contact form in sending your questions and installation instructions.

Easy Installion Options

Are you sure you can’t do it by yourself?

If your reason for requesting installation services is the fear of not being able to do it, please check the easy peasy installation options here. Take a look at option 1, I’m sure you’ll be thanking me later.