Ready Made Covid-19 News Site

This post is not written for Google so I’ll keep it short and direct to the point. 🙂

We all know the Coronavirus is a trending topic right now, both local and global.

Some of you are asking through the mail and even searching this site for keywords like “covid“, “corona“, “covid-19“. I suppose you want a “pre made or ready-to-upload Covid-19 blog“.

So if you are interested in entering this trendy niche and are willing to test your marketing skill or you simply want to help spread awareness about Coronavirus with your own site, then my friend Jim created a starter site.

NOTE: This offer is no longer available.

The good thing with his starter Covid-19 news site is that you can publish news articles automatically.

Just activate the autopost plugin inside the WordPress admin area and it will automatically publish news articles. The posting time depends on the “update frequency” the you will set in the campaign area.

The news site comes with a plugin that allows you to display auto-updated stats (such as total cases, recovered, etc.) both in your own country and worldwide.

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