Niche Blogger Volume 2 Updated

We just started updating old PLR blogs here at PreMadeNiches. Many of the pre made blogs are old and outdated. Some even have theme settings panel that are hard to configure especially for beginners who don’t know how to edit the underlying PHP codes.

Niche Blogger Volume 2 Updated

One best example of old and outdated blogs are the Niche Blogger series. These blogs still has the old Lifestyle theme which has very limited customizable options. This theme is good only for webmaster’s who could edit php files and CSS codes.

We cleaned all posts by removing some outbound links inserted by the original developer. Most importantly, we changed the themes into a more modern, user friendly, easy-to-use and mobile responsive theme.

Why we started with niche blogger 2 and not volume 1 first?

One valued customer is understably disappointed with how hard it is to change the slider images so we decided to start with volume 2 so she can download her newly updated blogs at the soonest time possible.

However, the update process was very laborious and the completion date took longer than expected. It’s even easier to create new ones than to clean and make a total update with old blogs.

Anyway, the good thing is we just finished renewing the 12 blogs under niche blogger 2. Here’s what was accomplished so far:

  1. Changed the old Lifestyle theme into a new and easy to use premium theme. The theme can now be automatically updated inside the WordPress admin.
  2. Cleaned all posts and removed unneccessary links.
  3. Changed theme colors and design. Some color combinations are retained like the Adsense blog.
  4. Changed the slider images and even the thumbnails. Images can now be easily replaced using the “Featured Image” box under post writing/editing page.
  5. Updated WordPress version and old plugins. Also removed unneccessary plugins.
  6. Changed affiliate products that are no longer existing on Clickbank.
  7. Edited logo and favicon. You can now quickly change default logo and favicon using WordPress customizer.
  8. Included new legal pages such as privacy policy, disclosure policy, and terms of service. Old blogs didn’t have these important pages.
  9. Integrated an easy to use theme panel. This means you can now easily change colors, fonts, site layout, and even site width.

The good news is if you have bought this series or one of the blogs in it, then you can download the newly updated blog for FREE! You can just request for new download at our Fresh Download Link Request page.

For Diamond members, you can download updated blogs inside the member’s area.

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