Thrifty Content Review Plus Bonus

Update: This service is no longer offered.

We all need high quality articles for our blogs and websites. We need high-quality articles for link-building.  We also need high quality articles for high-quality spinning.

What if I show you a secret source where I get content for my sites? Well, without so much ado, you need to check this out:

Introducing Thrifty Content

Thrifty content offers a bare minimum of 1,500 high-quality articles a month on a variety of popular topics for only $15/month.

These Articles are HIGH Quality

You might be thinking that if these articles are so inexpensive, they must be low quality. But you would be dead wrong.

  •     All of the articles you get are written by native English speaking authors.
  •     All of the articles are a minimum of 500 words long.
  •     All of the articles are sent to an editor for correction and improvement after being written.
  •     All of the articles have to pass a Copyscape test before being accepted.

For more than 1,500 articles, $15 is already a steal. The cool thing about this thrifty content is that built an Article Rewriter tool that makes it a SNAP to rewrite the PLR articles to make them unique.

The Rewriter shows you the original sentences in the article (and the title) and has you rewrite each one in your own words. One button click and all of your rewritten content are put together into your new, unique article.

So what are you waiting for? Get Thrifty Content now!

The data that you must send to me :

  • Your Name
  • Date of purchase
  • Your PAYDOTCOM Receipt No
  • Your email address to receive these bonuses

NOTE: You must buy from my thrifty link to be eligible for this bonus. You should clear off your cookies to make sure I get credit for your purchase.

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