WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin

With all the great things that WordPress does, one thing that isn’t built into WordPress is the ability to manage and sell products over the internet.  There’s nothing to:

  • define and manage products
  • manage a shopping cart
  • collect and record customer information (including shipping address)
  • request and accept payments
  • track orders
  • deliver yet protect digital content or any of the other things an internet business needs to do



Sorry this product is already Phased OUT!

wCart installs like any other WordPress plugin… just upload and activate. wCarts Option Page is just that ONE PAGE that lets you define how your store behaves.

wCart ALSO makes selling physical products (books, CDs, etc.) very easy.  wCart takes over collecting your customer’s shipping information (name, address, etc.), calculating the shipping costs for an order, and notifying you of items that need to be shipped. All you have to do is drop the item in the mail.!

Here’s Some Of The Features You Get:

  • Easy Setup and WordPress installation, No programming skills required
  • Mix physical and digital products
  • Customers can view their personal order history
  • View individual orders w/shipping detail
  • Fully integrated into PayPal
  • Easily handle physical products (that require shipping)
  • Automatically generated “Add to Cart” buttons
  • Password reminder for customers through email
  • Customizable auto-generated e-mail notifications
  • Customizable “Thank You” and Download pages
  • Re-send Thank You (Confirmation) emails
  • Re-activate expired Download pages
  • On-Screen Cart Listing
  • Easily handle physical products (that require shipping)
  • Add-on Zone Shipping module which supports Internation Shipping
  • Personal Use Rights

Sorry this product is already Phased OUT!

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