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Do you enjoy using various social media sites? Did you notice that a lot of people are desperately looking for solution on how to promote their business on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and LinkedIn?

If you are smart enough, you’re going to offer a solution for this particular problem and make extra money on the side. For instance, you may offer valuable networking tips and then promote an affiliate product.

But you have one problem… You need an informational blog to educate your prospects and gain their trust. As a trusted mentor/teacher, you’ll know that people tend to subscribe to your email list and more likely to buy any product you offer.

Creating an info blog from scratch can be time-consuming and takes a lot of energy so I’ve created this ready made social media domination PLR blog that you can use as a quick starter.

Why You Need to Dominate the Social Media Market?

The internet marketing market is a $62 billion dollar industry. The social media market is HOT and always in demand. Social media marketing is an incredibly powerful tool and these days it is one of the single biggest factors that a marketer can use to build their digital empire.

According to a report, 92% of marketers say that social media is important for their business and they are desperate to know the most effective social tactics and the best ways to engage their audience on social media.

This means that they need more information and guides on the subject!

Here’s the exact type of people you can target with this blog:

  1. Businesses looking to generate more leads and customers.
  2. People looking to increase their personal branding and gain more exposure.
  3. Businesses looking to gain authority in their field.
  4. Internet marketers who want to build their lists and increase their sales.
  5. Affiliate marketers who want to increase their commissions.

As you can see, it serves a very wide market and any individual wanting to take their business to the next level will find the product that you’re going to offer with this blog very interesting and more likely to buy from you.

How You Can Make Money With This Blog

It’s very simple and straightforward. There are two main ways:

  1. Offer affiliate products
  2. Sell your own info product

Let me explain.

1. Offer affiliate products – The most simple and quickest way to make money with any website is by offering affiliate products to your readers and site visitors. Less headache, less resources…

This PLR blog comes pre-integrated with an affiliate product on Clickbank. You are going to earn up to 60% for each sale you make.

If you have better affiliate products in mind, you are free to change to change it.

2. Sell your own info product – Selling a digital info product you created can be the most rewarding and profitable way to generate income with your blog.

Since it’s a digital product, which means “downloadable“, the product is sent immediately to your customer via a download link. Unlike traditional online shops with tangible products, you don’t need to worry about additional overhead for product storage, packaging, and shipment.

The salespage for the eBook is all setup so all you need to do is edit important info such as Paypal email, eBook price and preferred salespage title. You can start marketing right away.

Click here to see the live demo of the eBook salespage.

What’s Inside The eBook?

The eBook that comes with this PLR blog is called:

Social Media Domination: How To Set Yourself Up For Success On The Top Social Media Platforms And Build An Audience That Loves Your Brands!

It’s actually a comprehensive course that aims to show you which platforms to join, what each platform is best used for and how to succeed in each.

Here’s exactly what you’ll get inside the ebook:

  • Create a consistent and engaging brand across social media
  • Use social media for much more than just brand awareness
  • Set up accounts with all the major social media accounts
  • Build a rapport with your visitors and gain their trust
  • Provide engaging content that people want to read and share
  • Set up tools to automate a lot of the work and save you time
  • Create synergy between your social media channels to drive more traffic and grow faster
  • Use growth hacking to get even more traffic to your accounts
  • Run competitions and other events to get more traffic
  • Leverage events and competitions
  • …and much, much more!

Ebook Content Sample

Introduction And What You Will Learn

Social media marketing is an incredibly powerful tool and these days it is one of the single biggest factors that a marketer can use to build their digital empire.

In fact, social media is often what really makes the difference between having a website and having such an “empire“. A website on its own can make you money and it can promote your business – but it takes more than that to build a brand and to have that ubiquitous presence that can help you to drive the maximum amount of traffic to your monetization systems.

Social media allows you to interact with your audience, to get feedback, to hear suggestions and to communicate in a variety of different ways. It lets you build brand visibility and it lets you drive visitors directly to your site. This is why social media is so important and it’s why so many people and businesses are hopping on board.

In fact, 66% of marketers believe that social media is a core part of their business (Salesforce), with 92% of respondents describing it as ‘important’ (Social Media Examiner). 38% of companies are looking to increase their spend in this area. 66% of businesses have a dedicated social media team according to Salesforce.

But unfortunately, despite this ubiquity of social media marketing, many of these companies are not actually getting the very most out of their marketing efforts. Many social media marketers simply don’t know how to allocate their resources with regards to social media and the result is that they often aren’t getting anywhere near the increase in profits and brand awareness that they could be from it.

So what are you waiting for? I already done all the hard work for you. Get this ready made blog now and start dominating the social media industry!

Gifts and Bonuses

Salespage URL: https://socmedia.blogore.com/ebook/

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