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This PLR blog comes with an eBook product complete with salespage. The ebook is called “Healthy Primal Living” – The Ultimate Guide To Primal Living.

It’s a high quality guide that will help people “Discover How To Live And Eat Like A Caveman To Become Healthier And Change Your Life“.

Here’s the eBook content:

  • What exactly primal living is and why you should consider embracing it…
  • A lesson on evolution and how it plays a huge role in your health, weight, and the way that you feel…
  • An introduction to the Paleo Diet and how to embrace primal eating into your daily life…
  • What you should be eating each day to maximize your weight loss without sacrificing energy or health.
  • Is bread bad for you? The age old question on whether you should bread or not is finally answered…
  • A daily eating “rule of thumb” that will help you stick to the “caveman” diet extremely easily…
  • How top athletes are taking the Paleo Diet and using it to get higher levels of performance than ever… you can use this powerful lesson to maximize your energy while still losing weight…
  • For those not ready to fully embrace the Paleo Diet, you’ll discover a quasi-Paleo diet that has massive benefits to your health and energy levels…
  • Why counting calories may be a thing of the past…
  • Should you take supplements or should you avoid them? This question is answered inside the guide…
  • The real reason why modern exercise does NOT work and what you should be doing instead…
  • What incidental training and Nano workouts are all about, and how to add them into your day-to-day to see massive fat-loss and extreme strength-building… much faster than any traditional exercise program.
  • How to lose weight and get into great shape by simply “living your daily life…”
  • How to incorporate functional training and bodyweight training into your new “caveman lifestyle” to get the fastest results possible without ever needing to step foot into a gym…
  • An actual workout plan based on functional strength and the 7 Primal Movements… this will have you lean, strong, and feeling great within a few short weeks… sometimes days…
  • If you’re running now, you’re probably doing more harm than good… you’ll discover a twist to running that will build strength and reduce injury… and actually save you money on shoes in the process…
  • Plus, a whole lot more…

Why You Need to Enter this Niche

This niche was very popular a several years ago but has remained stable ever since and will continue to grow as people are always interested about paleo diet. That’s because people all over the world search for solutions and products in this niche.

Consider this report:

  • Paleo product sales forecasted to reach $300 million by 2018
  • Interest in the Paleo Diet has risen dramatically in recent years
  • Paleo Products had a sales growth of 57.3% in natural and specialty retail in 2014
  • Projected growth of 58.1% in sales this year

Types of people you can target with this ready made site:

  1. People looking to get the best workout possible
  2. Overweight individuals looking to get into better shape
  3. People who tried fitness training or weight loss programs in the past but didn’t get the results that they had hoped for
  4. People tired of going from one crash diet to the next
  5. Individuals looking for a PROVEN method for losing weight that doesn’t require you to starve yourself
  6. Health conscious people who want to get in shape, but you don’t really want to go to the gym

How You Can Make Money in this Market

There are hundred of high quality affiliate products from Clickbank and Amazon. Select and promote these products and earn up to 75% commissions.

Consider the following Clickbank products:

ProductAverage SaleGravityCommission
Healthy Weight Loss With Paleo Diet  60.0%
Paleo Diet Guides From Robb Wolf$11.753.4440.0%
30 Day Guide To The Paleo Diet$12.902.3150.0%
Paleo Sleep – New Paleo Diet Product$4.100.6150.0%
Paleohacks Cookbooks + Primal Sleep, 4 Products, Crazy Conversions$12.29159.85100.0%
1000 Paleo Recipes – Earn Up To $75/sale – High Conversions!$20.805.0875.0%

The site has already one pre-integrated Clickbank product which you can change it easily should the product is no longer available.

Your Own Information Product

This website comes with a pre-integrated eBook product complete with salespage and high quality graphics.

All you need to do is edit important info such as Paypal email, eBook price (yes, feel free to change the pricing), and preferred salespage title and you’re all set up.

Click here to see the live demo of the eBook salespage.

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Quick Site Features

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Gifts and Bonuses

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