Peak pilates is a new trend that has growing demand as more seniors and baby boomers realize that as they age they must take steps to maintain their health and their bodies.

To enter this market, you need a product and an informational blog that will help you reach out to your prospects and customers.

You can either spend hundreds of hours researching about peak pilates and creating your own info blog from scratch or take advantage of this turnkey blog and have it running no less than an hour.

Why You Need to Enter the Peak Pilates Market

Everyday more seniors are now searching for knowledge on how they can stay fit and healthy as they age.

These group of people realize that as they grow older their bodies starts to decline producing natural resources that we all need.

As the body declines, aging symptoms develop including loss of energy, weight gain, weight loss, cellulite, and so on.

To reduce the aging symptoms it’s become common knowledge that we must take steps to maintain our health and our bodies.

As a result, more and more seniors are now searching for information on how they can stay fit, have great balance and remain healthy as they age.

With the impending rise in baby boomers becoming senior citizens this market is set to explode!

With this PLR niche blog you will be addressing this issue by providing a beginners guide on the power of pilates for seniors and how with a few minutes per day it can dramatically improve their life!

How You Can Make Money Peak Pilates Blog

Let’s make it simple. There are two main ways you can make money with this ready-to-go website:

  1. Offer affiliate products
  2. Sell your own info product

Let me elaborate.

1. Offer affiliate products – As with many other ready made blogs here at PreMadeNiches, this one comes pre-integrated with an affiliate product from Clickbank.

The pre-integrated affiliate product is one of the best selling and top converting health and fitness product on Clickbank. You’ll earn up to 60% for each sale you make.

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2. Sell your own info product – The best way to make money with any website is selling your own digital product.

Since it’s a digital product, meaning it’s “downloadable“, the product is sent immediately to your buyer. There’s no additional overhead when it comes to product storage, packaging, and shipment.

The sales system for this blog is all setup so all you need to do is edit important info such as Paypal email, eBook price and preferred salespage title. You can start marketing right away.

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What’s Inside The eBook?

The eBook is called “Peak Pilates – A Beginners Guide For Pilates In Your Peak Years“. This digital info book will reveal exactly what Pilates training is and how it can improve your life.

Here’s exactly what you will learn with this guide:

  • Chapter 1 – Discover How Activity Promotes Longevity.
  • Chapter 2 – The History of Pilates
  • Chapter 3 – What exactly is Pilates? Should I be doing it?
  • Chapter 4 – The Benefits of Pilates
  • Chapter 5 – Steps Before Beginning Pilates
  • Chapter 6 – What to Expect in a First Session.
  • Chapter 7 – 4 Fantastic Pilates Moves To Do.
  • Chapter 8 – Avoiding Common Pitfalls
  • Chapter 9 – Making Exercise/Pilates Part of Lifestyle
  • Advanced Chapter – Taking Things Up a Notch

Ebook Content Sample


Pilates is one of the most popular forms of exercise all over the world. Millions of people swear by it and many have testified that after several sessions of Pilates, the aches and pains that used to plague them, diminished and disappeared.

Unlike other forms of training such as running, weight lifting, kickboxing, etc. Pilates is a low-impact exercise that most people can do well into their senior years. That makes it fantastic for older adults who wish to stay active and fit.

As one ages, the high-impact sports and activities that require a lot of exertion become torturous. The human body can only handle so much impact and training as it ages. We must change our style of training accordingly.

Most people, young and old, lead highly sedentary lifestyles. This inevitably leads to weaker bodies and misalignments. The muscles and joints are weaker due to lack of use. Like they say, if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.

The problem is exacerbated as one ages. Muscle atrophy, imbalances in the body, etc. can cause aches, pains and other degenerative health issues.

Pilates can remedy and even reverse many of these problems. It has stood the test of time (almost a hundred years) and despite being created in the 1920s, it’s more popular than ever today.

So what are you waiting for? Get this ready made blog now and start making money in the health and fitness industry!

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