How to Login to Your New Wordpress Site

1. Type: on your browser then hit "Enter" on your computer keyboard.

So for this example, our login url is:

2. Enter the default Username and Password then click "Login" button.

NOTE: The default login username and password for the blog is included with the download file. Open the "Login Details" (notepad) file and you should see default username and password.

3.Once logged in, you should now be able to browse your Wordpress Dashboard

Click here to see full image of a WP Dashboard

4. Now, update whatever plugins and themes that needs to be updated. (See tutorial below)


How to Update Wordpress Themes and Plugins

1. Login to you WordPress Site. (See above tutorial)

2. Update plugins and themes to its latest version. As you can see in this example, there's 4 updates (sometimes only 1, 2, 3, 5, or even more) as indicated by the menu item "Updates".

3.Click "Updates" menu. You will be redirected to WordPress Updates page.

4. Scroll down to see what plugins and themes need updating. In this example, it's the All in One SEO Pack, Contact Form 7, Login Lockdown, and Sucuri Scanner Plugins.

5. Check box to select all plugins. If you have two or more plugins that needs updating, tick "Select All" box.

6. Click the "Update Plugins" button.

7. Update/s should be completed in just several seconds.

8.Do the same procedure when updating Themes.





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